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Since May of 2019, there has been a large influx of people claiming to have dreams of the same people, places and properties, ranging from liminal spaces to the downright absurd. We serve as a hub to catalog these strange "coincidences" in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the underlying cause to this phenomenon. People from all around the world from all sorts of backgrounds have shared their story. It's time for you, to share your own…


In Distance

25 Mar 2023 19:54

Cheap Seats

25 Mar 2023 19:50

Stunned Sympathy

25 Mar 2023 19:46

Hexagony Of Porcelain

07 Jan 2023 20:48

The Middle Of The Lane

03 Jan 2023 18:48

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A Blissful Night In The Deepest Reaches Of Your Mind

A nostalgic feeling surrounded the atmosphere. In the distance, I heard a calm tune faintly playing, surrounding me with a feeling of safety. The house is so familiar, yet the memories are so distant….

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